We remain focused on the things that others overlook. We go to places that others do not dare to. And we finish the things that others have started. You could say: Our strengths are others’ weaknesses.

1. Project Management & Design

From design to final delivery, we keep an eye on everything. Does that also include precise execution and full cost control? Yes, of course!

2. Product Development

We give our creativity free rein when developing new product lines. But this always takes place within the framework of the order you have placed.

3. Metal cutting/production parts

We develop and produce state-of-the-art complex production parts and modules. Including production planning, quality control and cost control.

4. Assembly 4.1

We are efficient. Whether we are providing an internal or external assembly service. You can expect time and cost-saving assembly, even where complex modules are involved.

5. Automation technology & automation solutions

We create tailor-made automation solutions for you. In addition to machine automation, we also develop improved work processes together with you. This ensures that you achieve the perfect interaction between man and machine.

6. Packaging for machines

We package what you produce. We are happy to prepare packaging concepts for you or to package your machines, if required, as units that are suitable for sea freight. If desired, this will include expert reports and will of course comply with the latest standards and guidelines.

7. Succession planning/mergers for SMEs in the area of mechanics

Are you an entrepreneur whose life’s work is facing an uncertain future? Do you need someone who is familiar with the mechanical sector? Then you would do best to place your trust in a company that has extensive expertise and the best network in the sector.

8. Express service

Do you have a bottleneck? Are you at your wit’s end? Do you have lots of unanswered questions? Then PROJEKTO is the ace up your sleeve. Simple, fast, competent.
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